Rathi Pedewala

While understanding our customer demands, Rathi Pedewala strives to maintain Quality, Hygiene and Service. Our responsibility lies in standing true to our patrons, and hence we do not compromise on quality.

Rathi Pedewala is a name synonymous with the sweetness of Akola, it's culture, it's people, it's flavor and taste for the sixth generation. We are an Indian Mithai speciality brand producing and serving top quality fresh Mithai and Namkeens in and around Akola. We have top class international standard manufacturing facilities. With a staff of well over 40-50 including people who are working with us for the past 3 decades and 3 generations of families involved with the various aspects of this business we are able to bring the best of quality, products, service and hygiene to give a fulfilling experience to our customers as we realize enjoying the delicious products that we produce is a part of the culture, the tradition and most importantly it is a A PART OF OUR CUSTOMERS LIFE. It is the part of the joy and happiness, a part of their memories and we are humbled by this thought and it is this realization that fuels our passion to serve and serve the best for generations.

At Rathi Pedewala our goal is very simple and very real which is to give "QHS-Quality-Hygiene-Service" to our customers. The mission is simple to cater the best quality at no compromise as we believe that we are responsible for what we sell. We are committed people we strive for the best customer experience that we can give, we believe in doing our business ethically, we grow our business profitably, we believe in committing to give back to the society and improve continually and most importantly bring a little joy everyday to the people.